Saturday, July 26, 2008

Love Hurts, Love Scars, Love Wounds, and Marks....

Remember when the productivity and/or difficulty of your day was once measured with raises, pink slips, and late nights? (Oh yeah - some of you are still there.)

Oh, I remember. *wistful sigh*

When you become a parent, (especially if you are the SAHP) your day is measured in an entirely different way. At the end of the day you take stock of your maladies to determine whether one glass of wine will do, or if you'll need the whole bottle.

For instance, tonight:

Whining leading to massive headache? Check.
Yelling (me) leading to sore throat? Check.
Chasing mischievous two-year old, leading to exhaustion? Check.
Rotten, trouble-making children leading to discovery of actual GRAY hair? Check.

** I think I deserve bonus points for the bruised shin I suffered earlier. Sure, it wasn't out of malice, but rather the casualty of some good-natured roughousing... but still.

Anyway. Obviously today was an interesting day (there are several other words I could insert there that would be more accurate, but they're a bit 'colorful', so we'll let interesting stand, mmmkay?)

And really, the details aren't important.
What's important is the message: Parenthood is not for the weak.

If you faint at the sight of blood, or tear up over a splinter, head down to CVS right now. You'll be wanting to spend a lot of time perusing the 'Family Planning' aisle.