Saturday, April 12, 2008

Trail Mix

It's been a long time...
But I have an excuse, I swear!

What's my excuse, you ask? It's that I'm big stinkin' slacker, that's all.

Now that we've established that I suck, I'll move on with what will likely be a random hodge-podge of things, seeing as how I haven't updated for freaking ages.

So... spring has arrived.

Unfortunately, so has the Poison Ivy. I have recently taken up gardening, and everyone in eyeshot of me knows it.... It would be hard to miss, considering that I look as though I've come down with some particularly messy version of the plague.

People have begun to unconsciously back away from me, all the while shooting me wary looks, as though the rash might jump from my neck and attack them. Well hell... let's face it, nobody wants to look like they've come down with the measles and chickenpox simultaneously.

Excuse me while I scratch myself into oblivion.

In other (non-gross and/or puss-filled) news, the countdown has begun! I (along with many others) are waiting less than patiently for the arrival of a new lump of cuddly flesh.

My best friend's baby, the cutie-pie dubbed Matthew, is now late. The wee bugger was due to arrive on April 10th, and has yet to make his grand entrance.

I see he's taking after his Mommy already. (Don't hit me.)

That was a nice little detour, wasn't it? Now, back to me. :D
A few weeks ago, I got a haircut. I quite like it... but since I've gotten it, I've been getting carded again. Which, of course, makes me wonder if perhaps it's a bit 'young' for me.

I have no desire to be *that* woman.

We've all seen her... the one with the haircut far too young for her, in clothes far too tight and trendy for her age. The one that despite her massive muffin-top, insists on wearing the skin tight fashions of someone 20 years younger.

Anyway, here it is. A picture of the hair, because I'm vain and need validation. (lol) OK, not really, but I never post pictures, so eh... why not?