Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Walk Of Shame

I recently became re-acquainted with an old friend... a friend I haven't visited in some time, and can't really say that I've missed.

The walk of shame.

Go on, I'll take a quick break for you all to pull your minds out of the gutter. Given that we're not in college anymore it's a pretty safe bet that 'The Walk Of Shame' has taken on a slightly different meaning than what some of us *cough*whores*cough* might be used to.

Yes, these days that humbling walk has a lot less to do with beer goggles, and a lot more to do with all those missing brain cells we wantonly disposed of in our University years.
Well, most of the time anyway....

So anyway, yeah.
The Walk Of Shame is still mortifying, but pretty freaking lame these days if you ask me.

Nowadays I find myself slinking miserably down the aisles of my kid's preschool upon discovering that:

a) I've forgotten my youngest child's snack two days in a row.
b) It's picture day and my oldest is dressed inappropriately.
c) Due to a 'clerical error' (totally not my fault!) I don't have the snack I was supposed to bring for 15 kids.
d) All of the above.

You can guess the answer to that one.
Yeah, all in the same day. Go me!

You know you have lost your last sliver of coolness when this mortifies you more than the time you drunkenly extolled the virtues of vibrators at your Husband's work Christmas party.

The shame was so great that I almost expected to hear someone say "Hey, didn't I see you walking through the quad at about 2am? And weren't you wearing that yesterday?!"

Hey. There's something to be said for a healthy dose of paranoia after all...

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