Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I Had A Dream...

Yeah. Not that kind of dream.

No, lets just say that my dream was a bit more on the *ahem* interesting side. In fact, (to be honest) I'm a little scarred. *sniff*

Given my obvious state of mental anguish, of course I had to unload my burden on my dear, long-suffering husband this morning. (Yeah, because hearing about your wife's perverted dreams is a HUGE hardship, donchaknow?) Well, it was all good until a little person with a rather BIG set of ears walked in, mid-tale.

See, I have these two friends... lets call them Smeather and Smatty. Well, Smeather and Smatty starred in my dream last night... and while the dream wasn't particularly explicit, and *I* wasn't involved, it was odd enough that I had to get it off my chest (in as vague a way as possible, what with kids being around and all. The full-on descriptives would have to wait).

So as I said, Miss HearAPinDropInAlaska walks in and promptly picks up on a name she knows and asks a very thought-provoking question:

"What DID Ms. Smatty do with Ms. Smeather's clothes, Mommy?"

That's right, I was busted.

As I tried to formulate an appropriate, PC answer, I swear I hear a muffled snicker from across the room.

You wait buddy. Your day is coming.

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