Monday, November 10, 2008

Al Rescate, You Blockhead!

I fancy myself a pretty decent parent.

Hey, shut up. I do the 'good parent stuff', and sometimes I even pretend to be excited about it.

You know the drill - limit exposure to trashy TV, violent cartoons, Eminem, play Candy Land, and try to tone down the more 'colorful' words you used to favor. That sort of thing.

But after four years of watching PC kids' shows, I have something to say:

Kid's TV nowadays is pure crap. Crap, I tell ya!

Whatever happened to anvils and long walks off a short cliff?
Where's the potty humor and gratuitous violence?

This world has gone to hell in a handbasket!

Well, I'm done with all the hooey on Nickelodeon these days. Whatever happened to really GOOD shows like You Can't Do That On Television? Now that was a quality kid's show.

It was after that revelation (and the conviction that the likes of Dora, The Backyardigans, and The Wonderpets will be the downfall of Western civilization) that I decided it was time my kids became intimately acquainted with some of the favorites from my childhood.

A parental sanity-saving move, if you will.

Because I was in good-parent mode at the time, I did not choose anything that might put me out of the running for Parent Of The Year, such as Road-Runner cartoons, old-school Scooby Doo, or Ren and Stimpy.
That would be bad, doncha know?

No, instead I opted for a classic, wholesome collection of holiday movies, and unearthed my Charlie Brown DVDs. (All the while feeling smug and confident that not only would I not have to hear "Vamanos! Al rescate!" anymore, but that I would (like a 'good' Mother) be reviving a great Holiday tradition from my generation.)

"You BLOCKHEAD. I am NEVER going back to school!"

Yeah. After a few days of Charlie Brown movies, my 4 year-old hit me with that gem (picked up from A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and You're Not Elected, Charlie Brown respectively).

Perhaps I'll leave the 'quality programming' to the fine folks at Nickelodeon after all. Anyone know if Double Dare or Clarissa Explains It All still comes on?

Because that? That would be sweet.

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  1. I guess being called a "blockhead" is a lot better than some of the things my mom heard me whisper under my breath!