Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Apple Got a Running Start

I grew up socially awkward.

I know, I know... you can't believe it, right?! The chick hiding behind the blog was socially awkward once upon a time - what a concept!

Given that, obviously my big fear was that I would spawn a couple of tiny anti-social creatures. That upon greeting the world, my children would scream blue murder, kick the doctor, and promptly attempt to return to the womb where nobody could bother them.

Luckily, my nightmare was not realized. The girls cared only about three things: eating, sleeping, and pooping. Life was good.

Then came preschool.

The anxiety, the worry, the twist in my gut. Terrified that somehow both my girls were destined to be socially awkward, and star in a tiny fruit-snack fueled version of "Mean Girls"....

I'm not saying that I'm not still heart-stoppingly terrified of this, but man did yesterday relieve some of my anxiety! I observed my oldest in the mall play area rounding up kids for a game of chase, taking control, greeting new kids, and holding her own with (aka, pinning down) the boys.

There's hope yet!
Apparently my kid is confident, as well as strong. (woo!) I wonder if I could track down my old bullies? I'll sic my kid on their asses.

Apparently every once in a while apples DO fall far from the tree. On this end I hope they've both fallen into a completely different orchard. Hell, maybe they can teach me to come out of my cave more. :D

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