Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Through The Looking Glass... Or Something Like That.

This is why I love having girls - sometimes life takes on a Fairy Tale quality.

Just when you think you know exactly what the cheeky munchkins are up to, they surprise you with a little make-believe magic. You walk in ready to lay the smack down, and you find this:

And this is precisely the scene I happened upon yesterday.

Instead of a preschool reenactment of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, I find something completely unexpected and mind-boggling.
There was a Birthday celebration in progress. (And I was not invited... as is evidenced by the lack of essential party materials. I mean, where's the cheesecake? Where are the 'spirits'? Yeah. I rest my case.)

Just whose birthday was it, you might wonder? (And who could blame you, what with the conspicuous absence of a Birthday hat and all?)
Well, I'm disappointed to report that this is still a mystery.

(Although I suspect that Sammy (grey striped cat) is the lucky recipient of this show of goodwill. I say this because she looks as though she's passed out drunk in the Birthday cake. Now that's a good time.)

Some days I feel like Alice falling down the rabbit hole... everything seems a bit new and bizarre, and what you find when you arrive is surprising and fun. (Well, if I were INVITED, that is. Humph.) There are tea parties, stories, games, illogical questions, and topsy-turvy living in my life - much like Alice's trip through Wonderland.

Wonderland is generally amusing, but if that mean-ass Queen of Hearts shows up here, I will split the scene and leave her to referee my kids for a few days. She could stand to learn a trick or two from the Masters.

You'll know she's arrived when you hear "OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!" echoing across the country.

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