Friday, August 22, 2008

Google Image Game

So, I'm bored and killing time and I'm going to make you all suffer with me. Ya know those chain emails and 'games' that are supposed to be fun, but are really just an excuse to be completely self-absorbed and talk about yourself incessantly without really talking? Well, I like those. I was bored, I saw one, and so here you have it.

(OK, so I left out a couple of things that either weren't relevant, or that I didn't want to include. I have faith that my millions of readers will eventually get over this.)

Here's how it works:
For each thing listed below, type YOUR answer into Google image search, then choose your favorite image from the first three pages. Don't worry if the image is not really what you meant in your answer. The stranger the better!

First name:
(Let me preface this by saying that all the Google Image results for 'Jennifer' were either skeevy, or downright weird. I eventually chose this one because I like John Mayer. And yes - Jennifer Aniston's headlights are totally on.)

Middle name:

(Not weird, but pretty.)

Last name:


Place you'd like to visit:

Favorite place to be:

Your college degree:
(How many Psychologists does it take to change a light bulb?)

Grandmother's name:

Where you grew up:

Name of childhood pet:

Your first job:

(Yes, that's right folks. It's not just a hokey movie title - Winn Dixie was a way of life for those of us in the South. At least half of everyone I knew growing up had their first job there.)

Favorite food:

Favorite color:

What you are doing right now:
(OK, so I was just playing Wordscraper on Facebook. You got me.)

One of your bad habits:

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