Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Good Day For Duct Tape...

One down, one to go. (Preschool home-visits, that is.)

Ella's home visit was today, so I got to play hostess to the two lovely women who will be corralling my unruly 2 year-old two days a week for the next (blissful) 9 months.

Our visit with these lovely ladies was... well, interesting to say the least.

Every two minutes I wanted to apologize and swear on a stack of bibles that I don't have the most horrendously misbehaved children on the planet and that sometimes they can be downright enjoyable!
I fought back the urge, though, due to the likelihood of my protestations being met with hysterical laughter.

They were so freaking wild.
In fact, to say that is actually an insult to wild animals.

The teachers probably went straight home for a few hundred Hail Marys (or whatever the Presbyterian equivalent is) and a double shot of vodka.

Thankfully, though, Grammy (aka: Mom) was around to help. She offered her services again to me as she was leaving - for another time. My reply? "That's nice, thank you. But what I could really dig is a Valium. I don't suppose you have any hard drugs upon your person?"

Eh, well. Wine will just have to do.


  1. So the preschool teachers came to your house for a home visit before your girls start school? I've never heard of that! You know, says the person without kids...

  2. Yup. A home visit.

    I didn't know they did it either, but I'm glad they do. It was nice to meet everyone beforehand, and it makes it a little less scary for the kiddos... especially 'unsocialized ones' (like mine) who have never really been away from Mama. *shuffles feet*