Monday, August 25, 2008

At Least I Look Good In Brown

I should have seen it coming.
After all, there were signs.

The African Violet that shriveled up and died after a week on my windowsill as a child.
The calla lilies that survived only a few months in my home.
The lavender plants and canna lilies that failed to thrive.
My husband's plant that he'd had since puberty (that incidentally hung in for a record 7 years with me) finally capitulating, succumbing to a grim fate as compost.

And the biggest sign of all - the fact that (despite a valiant effort) I just could not hack Botany class in college.
Could. Not. Do it.

I am lacking any real understanding of why I imagined this little scenario (one involving more blind hope than skill) playing out any differently. Although most people that know me wouldn't exactly peg me as an optimist, I must be to have imagined a lush thriving plant dripping with juicy tomatoes. (Well, that, or maybe I'm just really dense.)

Alas, as any logical person would suspect, my track record remains unblemished. I officially have a brown thumb. Lest you doubt me, I present to you my latest attempt at nurturing a small part of nature's bounty:

You will note that one stoic little tomato has held on tenuously, even as the stem of the plant withers away and bugs gnaw at its flesh. Now that's dedication.

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  1. don't worry, black thumbs run in my family. i killed a cactus once, that was hard.