Saturday, March 8, 2008

You Want Fries With That?

Dear local McDonald's manager,

The drive-thru is a brilliant invention, it's true. I have availed myself of this wonderfully convenient, time-saving perk on many ocassions - I'm all about anything that coddles my lazy ass.

That being said, as a long-time fan of drive-thru services, it pains me to have to give today's experience a huge thumbs down. :( Tsk, tsk. I am so *NOT* lovin' it.

I understand that mechanical issues occur that can sometimes make the speaker system sound completely unintelligable... hey, that could happen to anyone, right? What I do not understand is why (without fail) every time your speaker is wonky, just to compound the problem, you put someone whose only English phrase is "Do you want value size?" at the window.

It would be entirely too humorous if *I* wasn't the jackass leaning out my car window, screaming my order over and over again at the speaker, because I cannot understand the unintelligable questions coming from the staff member on the other side of the 'magic box'. In fact, if it had been the guy in the blue Honda in front of me (who had a very simple order, damn him!) I likely would have laughed until I cried.

So... on behalf of the other drive-thru patrons of McD's #578 today, thanks for the entertainment. Nothing like lunch *and* a show while you wait.

If it weren't so funny (in a pathetic way), I'd probably be pretty pissed....

The sideshow act

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