Thursday, January 3, 2008

Never Trust A Cute Kid

Moon sand is the devil.

And I don't mean that in a trivial way.
I'm no stranger to a good mess - I've painted walls with a three year-old and finger painted with chocolate pudding... And really, I thought it couldn't get much worse.

Then came the damned Moon Sand.
The happy little kids and the booming, chipper announcer in the commercials make it look like such wholesome, good clean fun. "It's Revolutionary! Hours Of Fun!" So of course, I had to get some for Anna for Christmas. I scoffed at the idea that it might be 'messy'. Messy? Who cares? Show me a person with a toddler who ISN'T used to messes!

I have no problem saying that I was woefully mistaken.

What the booming announcer doesn't tell you is that you need a freaking snowblower to clean this crap up when the kids are through. It's like inviting the Atlantic Ocean in for a playdate - that's how much sand ends up all over your floor.

Mr. Announcer Man also failed to mention that for two weeks after your first (and unboubtedly last) experience with Moon Sand, you'll still be finding the stuff in completely inexplicable places. (In the cat food bowl, inside of diapers, under the bed, etc.)

Very very bad.

I let them play with it for roughly ten minutes at the kitchen table before panicking, taking it away, and banishing it to the art closet where (I hoped) it would stay for all eternity.

Then tonight the kids get a late Christmas present....

You guessed it - Moon Sand. Moon Sand that Anna is already insisting on breaking into first thing in the morning.

Pardon me while I scream.

And to think, my Mom bitched about Play Doh....

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  1. thank you for proving to cj that moon sand is a baaaaaad idea like i feared it would be. but i hope your cat bowl recovers soon.