Thursday, January 31, 2008

Do NOT try this at home.

Ever seen a skunk with a red stripe?

Yeah. Me either.
Until Monday.

I'm walking through the store on Sunday, when something catches my eye.... YES! That's it. The end to my boring brown 'Mommy-Do' is at hand - I can almost taste it... I'm going to look great!
And with that, into the cart goes an at-home highlighting kit.

I know, I know... if this were a horror movie, now would be the part where the bimbo running in stilettos breaks a heel and gets killed. You want to scream at the TV "Take the &$#% shoes off and RUN, you dumbass!"

But alas... I was alone, save for a three year-old, so there was nobody there to slap me back into reality.

It was bad. Very, very bad.
It looked like a skunk/Ronald McDonald hybrid. Disturbing is one word that comes to mind....

After another dye purchase, and some serious re-processing, I managed to tone it down enough to possibly go back out in public someday.
If I invest in a few good hats, that is.


  1. where's the photographic evidence, woman?!

  2. As if!

    And give you bountiful snarking material on me?

    Methinks not.