Monday, January 14, 2008

Disappearing Ink

So lately I've been completely immersed in a new project - documenting my family's history and researching my lineage. Overall it has been an exhilarating experience - like discovering alcohol for the first time (or first discovering sex - you want to do it all the time).

There's a big blip on the horizon, though, that's threatening to rain on my parade - and that would be my freaking 'father' who hit the door headed for splitsville 27 odd years ago.

The man is impossible to find. Impossible.
Nobody knows anything, it seems, and my maiden name was likely an alias.
He still manages to screw things up, nearly 30 years later. Man... he's good. And here I thought he was a useless hack - apparently he is good at some things. So good that I can't find squat on him.

But if I do ever manage to track the bastard down, I am SO putting a hex on his ass. (insert evil laugh)

Hey, I believe in fair warning, after all.

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