Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Pity Party, Table For One.

It's 3am I must be lonely....

*Buzzer sounds*
Incorrect answer. Try again, Matchbox 20.

Not lonely... oh how I WISH that was it. No, something far more sinister and and annoying has me up in the dead of night in the middle of December. A mucous invasion.

Don't get me wrong... as a lifelong allergy sufferer with questionable immune system function, I'm used to snot. But this is no ordinary snot. This is super-powered, radioactive snot from the planet Krypton. (OK, maybe not - but it's bad. Trust me.)

Normally I'm not a big whiner (shut up, Paul) but Christ! I have been sick for a freaking MONTH now! As soon as the first cold was closing up shop and vacating, I get struck with this doozy. And to top it off? Not only am I miserable, achy, snotty, and sleep-deprived, but so are both my kids. Joy. And I get to take care of them all. day. long. tomorrow on very little sleep, with aching lymph nodes. Awesome.

So yeah... I would give both my aching lymph nodes for loneliness to be the problem keeping me awake. *sigh*
It's gonna be a LONG day.

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