Sunday, October 14, 2007

Straight up, please.

It's a martini kind of night.

There are fresh juice stains on the floor, and even though the beastly ones are in bed I still hear the vague echo of shouting and tantrum-screams in my head.

Make mine a double.

I need a powerful anesthetic to forget that lately my kids can be so rambunctious that I have become a walking ad for birth control. One look at my brood having a simultaneous tantrum in Wal-Mart is enough to send any blissful young couple high-tailing it to the condom aisle - for the Value Pack.

To put it succinctly, I am freaking beat.
Today was the kind of day that makes boot camp look appealing - I could use a little R&R.

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  1. Oh I am so with you. I need to get blood drawn and do some very quick grocery shopping tomorrow and I am already dreading it. Ugh.