Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A Glimpse Into The Golden Years....

Ever wonder what life will be like when you grow old?

I used to....

I used to wonder, but now I have my answer - the Senior Citizen years are like being a SAHM, but without the food throwing and snot.

Your work consists of wiping asses (children or spouse - it doesn't matter).
You long for interaction with other adults who still remember you.
The highlight of your day is having a meal out with someone who has all their teeth.
You hang out at the YMCA several times a week - not necessarily to get fit, but for a change of pace.

It admittedly feels rather strange to be in the locker room after my workout surrounded by almost NOBODY who isn't eligible for the Early Bird discount at Golden Corral. But hey... on the bright side, I have the best skin and perkiest bits of anyone in the locker room - a feat I haven't managed for quite some time!

The saddest part?
I think the 90 year-old woman that I regularly run into in the locker room (after her water aerobics class) is in better shape than me. I console myself by thinking that she obviously must have a sweet young thing at home. Nobody who wipes butts and spoon-feeds puree to another human being 24/7 is that light on their feet. No one.

So yeah. The YMCA is pretty good for an ego boost sometimes.
If you can avoid watching your cellulite jiggle in the mirrors of the workout room, that is.

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  1. Hahah this is kinda humorous,
    scary and yet awfully true.